Your Fundamental Investment Partner

Investors don’t need a portfolio. They need a partner in the investment journey. That’s our mission. To help you build positive investment experiences through a disciplined, fundamental investment process and ultra-hands-on service mentality.

We Provide Disciplined Asset Management Services For

Financial Advisors

Risk-based investment portfolios designed through fundamental market pricing and sector valuation strategies, and supported by an accessible investment team.


Broad Investment solutions for managed funds, retirement plans, charitable accounts, and endowments.

Individuals & Families

Hands-on investment advice and portfolio design for individual, joint, and retirement accounts.

An Investment Strategy Designed for Consistency

Our investment process isn’t centered around theory, but black and white statistics. We use fundamentals to price the market, its underlying sectors, and securities within each sector—a meticulous approach that enables us to focus on consistent investment performance for clients.

A Service Structure That Prioritizes Accessibility and Accountability

Being a partner in the investment journey means going above and beyond managing portfolios. From the ground up, our organization is designed around a partnership service experience. That means complete access to our senior portfolio managers and stakeholders. 

Just ask our President, Bob Baker, at

He’d be happy to share our vision with you.

Robert Baker, AAMA President and Co-Founder

Robert Baker


Our Latest Market Intel

What’s going on in the market? Download our most recent market commentary and get a fundamental breakdown from our highly seasoned investment team—with 30+ average years of asset management experience.

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