The AAMA Story:
A Fundamentally Better Client Experience

Access to the right investment options can be life changing. That’s a fundamental truth that guides everything we do. We exist, solely, to help build positive investment experiences for the clients we serve. These are the guiding principles our firm is designed around, which help us fulfill that promise to advisors, institutions, and investors daily. 

We believe accessibility is more important than size

Asset managers are commonplace, and investment options are endless. But what isn’t commonplace is an asset manager that sees itself as a partner in your investment journey. 

From the ground up, AAMA is designed around accessibility and accountability. Our structure promotes high transparency and high accessibility in every facet of the organization. And we are committed to keeping it that way. 

We prioritize consistency through a highly disciplined investment approach

Markets are unpredictable, with constant ebbs and flows. However, risk and value within the market can be measured to help inform prudent investment decisions. We seek to guide clients through the market, reliably, with a disciplined and time-tested investment process (members of our team have been managing assets for over 45 years). 

We use fundamentals to price the market, its underlying sectors, and securities within each sector—a hands-on approach that enables us to focus on consistent investment performance for clients.

We are proudly independent, in structure and in nature

Trust is the single most important factor of a positive investment experience. That’s why we are proud to be an independent and fee-based asset management firm. 

Every action we take is rooted in our clients’ best interest, not the interest of a third-party.

Firm Snapshot:
5 Key Things to Know About Us

We are an independent and fee-based registered investment advisory firm (RIA).

We are located in Dublin, Ohio, where we've been managing client assets since 1999.

We have more than $1 Billion in assets under management and advisement.

Our investment team has an average of 30+ years of asset management experience.*

We manage risk-adjusted portfolios for clients through fundamental market and sector pricing, not trends or theory.

As of November 30, 2020

*Team members involved in investment decisions and portfolio management

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