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Our investment philosophy is built on a foundation with four cornerstones:



Understanding Client Expectations


Well-founded and clear client objectives are the road map for our client relationships.



Independent and Objective Advice


We value our independence.  It allows us to focus on our clients' needs, free from bias.



Disciplined Valuation Processes


Valuation and allocation disciplines are critical for navigating the global investment world.  Our disciplines are based on our past experience, yet have the flexibility to adapt to changes in the financial marketplace.



Confident Execution


Meeting investment expectations requires discipline in strategy, diligence in application, confidence to act, and patience for long-term results.







Our approach to investing begins with fundamentally pricing not only the markets, but also each of the sectors within the markets.  Much more than a  performance review, our dynamic investment process  is designed to identify asset classes that have the potential to improve overall portfolio returns, reduce volatility, or ideally, both.