Market Extract: Jobs Miss, Fed Tapering, Small Cap Equity Trends

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Equity markets posted small gains last week as Friday’s market recovered earlier losses. Bond prices were firm with the ten-year Treasury yields dropping 2 bps for the week, accentuated with Friday’s drop of 6 bps. Job gains for May fell below expectations – pushing concerns of Fed tapering further down the road. And Small Cap out-performed Large Cap by 25 basis points.

Let’s take a moment to review recent Small Cap equity market trends. We will look back to 9/21/2018 – our favorite time series benchmark date.

In the chart below, the black bars indicate the relative performance of Small Cap stocks vs. Large Cap stocks. Notice the bars on the left side of the chart (late 2018 through 2019). The relative weekly percent changes generally fit within a +/- 2% range. Now let’s look at the right side of the chart. The weekly percentage changes are notably higher, generally +/- 4%.

The extremes of Small Cap relative performance have doubled while the relative price index remains 11% behind our benchmark date level. Near term, the relative index is 8% below its recent high (3/12/21). What does this indicate? These are all relative numbers, but the takeaway is this—with increased volatility and lagging relative performance, now is not a good time to make a dramatic overweight towards Small Caps.

Chart showing Small Cap relative performance trends from September 2018 through March 2021

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