Our Fundamental Investment Process

At our core, we are pure bred asset managers, with more than 100 years of combined experience managing assets. Through that experience, we’ve developed a strong conviction: a hands-on investment process that revolves around fundamentals—black and white market valuation—is the best way for us to guide clients toward their financial goals.

The end result? Portfolio performance that is consistent, reliable, and easy to understand.

Portfolio Design Built Upon
Three Disciplined Considerations

Investor and
portfolio risk

Risk is at the foundation of each portfolio we build, providing clear parameters for every investment decision. These guidelines enable us to connect clients to portfolios that are consistently optimized for their specific investment goals and risk tolerance.

Sector Valuation and Fundamental Pricing

Attractive risk-adjusted returns are pursued through straightforward market pricing and sector valuation strategies. This hands-on approach enables us to identify undervalued areas of the market (positioned for growth) and pursue high-quality investments within those market segments.

Macro and
Contemporary Factors

Major market, economic, and political events can greatly impact portfolio risk and returns. Our investment team, in collaboration with an in-house Economist, diligently monitors and evaluates these trends to leverage cyclical growth opportunities or avoid undue risks within each portfolio.

Market Pricing and Asset Selection Criteria

Fundamentally, how attractive is the market and its underlying sectors?

We look at factors such as:

  1. Equity Prices
  2. Corporate Earnings
  3. Interest Rates
  4. Inflation Rate
  5. Credit Risk

Objectively, which managers best support our investment objectives?

We look at factors such as:

  1. Composition of Fund Holdings
  2. Adherence to Stated Objectives
  3. Performance Across Market Cycles
  4. Manager Tenure
  5. Underlying Fund Expenses

Statistically, which assets are best suited for our clients’ portfolios?

We look for factors such as:

  1. Relevant Historical P/E Ranking
  2. Earnings Momentum
  3. Balanced Sheet Equity
  4. Leverage
  5. Debt Service Coverage

Take a Deeper Diver

Want to learn more? Download our investment process overview for a deep dive into our portfolio construction process.