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Gavin D'Souza

Portfolio Management


Jason Hoffman

Internal Sales and Operations


Aaron Ploscowe

National Sales


Scott Rowe

Senior Marketing Consultant


Robert Williams

Chief Economist








Robert Baker



Mr. Baker founded Advanced Asset Management Advisors in 1998, and he oversees the daily management of the company.


Mr. Baker received a degree in finance from The Ohio State University.  With nearly 30 years in the industry, Mr. Baker has a wealth of experience in portfolio creation and asset management.


Before starting AAMA, he served as Vice President of a large regional investment firm and President of a national advisory group.  He oversaw the management of retirement plans and participated in the development, launching, and marketing of load and no-load mutual funds.  Mr. Baker has also served as a trust officer for the Bank One Trust Company, managing client portfolio investments.




Philip Voelker

Chief Investment Officer


Mr. Voelker directs and manages AAMA’s investment policy and strategy.


With nearly four decades of experience managing securities portfolios, Mr. Voelker has pursued and secured a broad spectrum of objectives from short-term cash management to aggressive growth of investments.


Before joining AAMA, Mr. Voelker served as Chief Investment Officer for a large regional investment firm, directing its multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. He is a cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University.